KX (Keu Agirretxea - Xabier Iriondo) is a project between Ondarroa and Milan.

A musical journey blending the song form, melody and original sound solutions.
Homemade instruments, acoustic guitars, electric guitars and texts written in the Basque language from Keu Agirretxea and poets Kirmen Uribe and Mikel Etxaburu.
Keu Agirretxea is a singer, guitarist and composer, he has played in several major groups of the Basque music scene, he has released 18 albums and played concerts in the Basque Country, Spain, France, UK, Mexico, Cuba.





  • 01/12/2014

    E' uscito il CD di KX (Keu Agirretxea, Xabier Iriondo) per l'etichetta Mauka.

    Un viaggio sonoro nato a Ondarroa (Euskadi) e a Milano, dove la sperimentazione si fonde con la forma canzone con melodie e textures d'avanguardia.