• 01/09/2017
    BANDERSNATCH pedals endorsement

    Sono lieto di annunciare il mio endorsement ai fantastici pedali BANDERSNATCH, realizzati e prodotti a mano in Italia

  • 02/04/2017

    Continua la collaborazione con Gabriele "Gabo" Fabbri, patron di NUDE GUITARS. E' circa un anno che suono la sua "Flying N Xabier Iriondo signature" e recentemente è nata l'idea di farmi realizzare un nuovo stumento che vedrà la luce nei prossimi mesi.



  • 19/12/2016
    TODO MODO nuovo album

    Out in the spring of 2017 the new TODO MODO album by Goodfellas Records. In April and May there will be a few gigs, organized by The Tempesta Concerti, where we play the fresh new songs. Soon news on the cover, album title, pre-listening songs and the first music video. Stay in touch!

  • 25/06/2016
    NUDE guitars endorsement

    I’m proud to announce that Nude Guitars endorsed me. 

    Gabriele Fabbri, the artist behind these amazing musical instruments, build me a special custom model. Nude Guitars are all crafted by hand, one by one, and they’re a real work of art in terms of sound and build quality.

    They feature aluminium neck with a specially designed resonating chamber and carefully chosen woods for the body.

    I’m going to perform on stage this summer with Afterhours with that guitar and in the future with a new project called SUPERVOID (with Eraldo Bernocchi on baritone guitar and Jacopo Pierazzuoli on drums).

  • 21/04/2016
    Esce "Naufraghi del Magnolia" in free download per la Wallace Sessions

    Today Wallace Records release The Shipwreck Bag Show Naufraghi del Magnolia, recorded at Circlo Magnolia in Milano, May 10th 2015 by Marco Posocco.
    The digital release is a free download from today and for one month, you can download it in the homepage on the website
    14 tracks, photo cover by Natalia Saurin

  • 26/02/2016
    I Milanesi, videointervista

    "He is one of the "heavy" names of the Italian rock scene, an influential musician, brave and always attentive to the news. He's Xabier Iriondo, born in 1971, was born and raised in Milan Isola district, from the Basque father and Italian mother. Old guitarist Afterhours and engine of dozens of art projects". Read or watch the videointerview here:

  • 07/01/2016
    Xabier intervistato da Distopic

    Distopic interviews Xabier about Bunuel, la nuova band with Eugene Robinson, Pierpaolo Capovilla e Franz Valente.
    You can read it here

  • 11/09/2015
    Nuova band! Todo Modo

    Out in october 2015 by Goodfellas the Todo Modo (Paolo Saporiti, Giorgio Prette and Xabier Iriondo) first album.
    A new band where are both writing and musical experimentation.

    Songs and unusual sound plots create a compelling musical project.

  • 24/07/2015
    I 15 pedali più belli di sempre secondo Xabier Iriondo

    Guitar with Afterhours and an endless series of projects, Xabier Iriondo is one of the most influential Italian artists if you want to talk about distortion, effects and so on.
    Rockit asked him what his ten most beautiful pedals of all time, he also added there the five that every musician should have.

  • 21/05/2015
    Workshop gratuito con Xabier Iriondo

    Two hours with Xabier to learn together the process leading technology and virtuosity to experimentation and sound mutation, using any tool for different musical genres. A free workshop to Thursday, July 16 sponsored by Converse titled - Rubber Tracks – Understanding Effects, at Spazio O'Artoteca where you talk about electric guitars and pedals effects, essentials for the stylistic evolution and functional instrument as we know it today.