• 25/11/2019
    the first album of PLEIADEES (Massimo Pupillo, Xabier Iriondo, Cristiano Calcagnile) finally out!

    Pleiadees looks at the stars with its feet in the mud of life. From mud, the lotus is born. From the lotus, a jewel. Pleiadees’ music digs deep in search of forgotten jewels. It uses the methods of free rock, jazz, and improvisation and transcends them all. It’s world music for these disjointed times we’re all in. Pleiadees is a project that goes beyond borders. Its genesis was slow and thoughtful and was built on intentions, even before the sound itself. Shared and noble intentions that wanted to look beyond the genres and mutual “belongings.” We wanted a sound that could evoke the ancestral forces of music, melody, and rhythm, we wanted to find a connection with the deeper and more often forgotten sense of music: to raise the spirit and lead it to the presence of the divine. It’s a powerful and purplish music. Bright and syncretic. Constellation of events and ancient knowledge.

    Subsound Records

  • 10/03/2019
    il nuovo album "Coscienza di sé" uscirà il 12 aprile per Sangue Disken e Cheap Satanism

    "Coscienza di sé" è dedicato a Emma Goldman, scrittrice e filosofa statunitense di origini russo-lituane, ritratta anche nella fotografia di copertina. I testi delle cinque tracce si rifanno direttamente alle sue parole, rivoluzionarie nel propagandare libero pensiero, anarchia e femminismo dalla fine dell’800 al 1940 (data della sua morte) ma purtroppo “necessarie” persino nel presente. Ne viene fuori un sound moderno, legato all’avanguardia e all’art-punk eppure munito di una sua peculiare immediatezza. “Coscienza di sé è il nostro lavoro più popolare. Volevamo usare l’elettronica e ritmiche talvolta ‘accattivanti’ per fare arrivare a destinazione e magari canticchiare contenuti molto forti e significativi, soprattutto ora”. L’impatto è straordinario: Coscienza di sé deflagra, a tutto volume, nel silenzio assordante di una società in de-evoluzione. Esplode, nell’impianto stereo e nella testa. 

  • 20/12/2018
    ACnoises ARPIONA (Xabier Iriondo signature)

    ARPIONA is the result of my strong collaboration with ACnoises, one of the most creative effects builders.

    Basically we’re speaking about 3 independent effects (octa-synth, fuzz and boost) in 1 single pedal, including 5 circuits in total (because 3 additional features) which provide up to 30 different sonic possibilities to the player.

    The additional features that this unique noise machine offers are just some of the most exciting aspects: you can add a huge bass boost on fuzz by its relative toggle switch for a real harmonic punch, and/or you can hold the fuzz footswitch to generate an oscillation which is fully interactive since its pitch and frequency’s cut can be both controlled by tweaking the volume/tone pots and selecting the pickups of your guitar. Also, when you engage the boost, you can choose to turn on the noise toggle switch to transform the whole pedal in a super nasty noise machine.

    ARPIONA it’s a limited edition product.

    It’s a very complex project to build and ACnoises definitely couldn’t keep it in stock regularly, especially maintaining the same quality that they like to offer in every single product.

    Only 25 units will be ready to ship by the end of January/beginning of February) but PREORDERS are now live at with all the infos and the demo that Xabier Iriondo and Annapaola Martin made just for you (LINK:

    If you think you’re brave enough to deserve this crazy machine, just be fast: when they’re gone, they’re gone.

  • 08/04/2018
    AC NOISES collaboration

    AC noises costruisce effetti a pedale di alta qualità ed è stata fondata da Andrea e Claudia, una coppia italiana che ama la musica. Il loro obiettivo è piuttosto semplice: creare effetti a pedale che suonino bene e che siano belli così come appaiono. Le loro straordinarie macchine sono usate da Sleep, Nine Inch Nails, Mars Volta, Marilyn Manson e molti altri artisti. Oltre ad utilizzare da circa un anno alcune macchine di AC noises sono orgoglioso di annunciare una collaborazione con loro per creare qualcosa di unico e speciale. Ne vedrete e, soprattutto, sentirete delle belle!

  • 01/09/2017
    BANDERSNATCH pedals endorsement

    Sono lieto di annunciare il mio endorsement ai fantastici pedali BANDERSNATCH, realizzati e prodotti a mano in Italia

  • 02/04/2017

    Continua la collaborazione con Gabriele "Gabo" Fabbri, patron di NUDE GUITARS. E' circa un anno che suono la sua "Flying N Xabier Iriondo signature" e recentemente è nata l'idea di farmi realizzare un nuovo stumento che vedrà la luce nei prossimi mesi.



  • 19/12/2016
    TODO MODO nuovo album

    Out in the spring of 2017 the new TODO MODO album by Goodfellas Records. In April and May there will be a few gigs, organized by The Tempesta Concerti, where we play the fresh new songs. Soon news on the cover, album title, pre-listening songs and the first music video. Stay in touch!

  • 25/06/2016
    NUDE guitars endorsement

    I’m proud to announce that Nude Guitars endorsed me. 

    Gabriele Fabbri, the artist behind these amazing musical instruments, build me a special custom model. Nude Guitars are all crafted by hand, one by one, and they’re a real work of art in terms of sound and build quality.

    They feature aluminium neck with a specially designed resonating chamber and carefully chosen woods for the body.

    I’m going to perform on stage this summer with Afterhours with that guitar and in the future with a new project called SUPERVOID (with Eraldo Bernocchi on baritone guitar and Jacopo Pierazzuoli on drums).

  • 21/04/2016
    Esce "Naufraghi del Magnolia" in free download per la Wallace Sessions

    Today Wallace Records release The Shipwreck Bag Show Naufraghi del Magnolia, recorded at Circlo Magnolia in Milano, May 10th 2015 by Marco Posocco.
    The digital release is a free download from today and for one month, you can download it in the homepage on the website
    14 tracks, photo cover by Natalia Saurin

  • 26/02/2016
    I Milanesi, videointervista

    "He is one of the "heavy" names of the Italian rock scene, an influential musician, brave and always attentive to the news. He's Xabier Iriondo, born in 1971, was born and raised in Milan Isola district, from the Basque father and Italian mother. Old guitarist Afterhours and engine of dozens of art projects". Read or watch the videointerview here: