• 21/05/2015
    Workshop gratuito con Xabier Iriondo

    Two hours with Xabier to learn together the process leading technology and virtuosity to experimentation and sound mutation, using any tool for different musical genres. A free workshop to Thursday, July 16 sponsored by Converse titled - Rubber Tracks – Understanding Effects, at Spazio O'Artoteca where you talk about electric guitars and pedals effects, essentials for the stylistic evolution and functional instrument as we know it today.

  • 01/12/2014
    Il nuovo album di KX

    E' uscito il CD di KX (Keu Agirretxea, Xabier Iriondo) per l'etichetta Mauka.

    Un viaggio sonoro nato a Ondarroa (Euskadi) e a Milano, dove la sperimentazione si fonde con la forma canzone con melodie e textures d'avanguardia.

  • 01/10/2014
    Don Kixote

    Don Kixote, the new 12” vinyl by The Shipwreck Bag Show (Roberto Bertacchini, Xabier Iriondo) is out, released by the labels Phonometak, Wallace, Unhip and Brigadisco.

    A musical journey with poetry, action, garage/desert/rock and avant-garde.
    The idea is to create a parallel between the writings of Cervantes and the time that we are living.
    The madness of Don Quijote is the tool to reject the vulgarity and baseness of reality that often cancels imagination and fantasy, narrative.