The Shipwreck Bag Show

The Shipwreck Bag Show are Roberto Bertacchini (Strafuckers, Sinistri) and Xabier Iriondo.

Survivors in the ocean of pop, refugees in a land without time with their suitcases full of metal, wood and electronic circuits.
Avant-garage-rock with no time nor borders.




  • 21/04/2016

    Today Wallace Records release The Shipwreck Bag Show Naufraghi del Magnolia, recorded at Circlo Magnolia in Milano, May 10th 2015 by Marco Posocco.
    The digital release is a free download from today and for one month, you can download it in the homepage on the website
    14 tracks, photo cover by Natalia Saurin

  • 01/10/2014

    Don Kixote, the new 12” vinyl by The Shipwreck Bag Show (Roberto Bertacchini, Xabier Iriondo) is out, released by the labels Phonometak, Wallace, Unhip and Brigadisco.

    A musical journey with poetry, action, garage/desert/rock and avant-garde.
    The idea is to create a parallel between the writings of Cervantes and the time that we are living.
    The madness of Don Quijote is the tool to reject the vulgarity and baseness of reality that often cancels imagination and fantasy, narrative.