Immaginisti / Cagna Schiumante

Cagna Schiumante è il terzetto avant-rock formato da Stefano Pilia (Massimo Volume, In Zaire), Xabier Iriondo (Afterhours, The Shipwreck Bag Show, ecc.) e Roberto Bertacchini (Starfuckers, The Shipwreck Bag Show, ecc.) dedito ad una musica free-form debitrice dell’avant-noise, del post-punk e del blues deformato di Captain Beefheart.

Having shared stages and collaborated in various ways, the trio, in 2012, focuses on a two-day session on 25 and 26 March, at BlindSunCrows Bologna improvising on intuitive and spontane bases. Those records are extrapolated a handful of compositions become, with the support of texts written for four hands with Valentina Chiappini, and later made a sung, real songs.